9 Ways to Make Condom Sex Great Again

Let’s be honest here. Too many people are not practicing safe sex. Most people feel like sex is less pleasurable with condoms. But how many people ever stop to think “How can I make condom sex feel BETTER?” Condom sex probably lame to some people because they aren’t using them correctly and unaware of the variety condom companies made available to us.

So how can we make condom sex better? Here are some ways:

  1. Let’s start with the very basics. Make sure you are putting them on correctly. There’s a little tip at the end of condoms that must be squeezed as you roll down the condom. This way, there is room to ejaculate and it keeps it from breaking.
  1. Even though some condoms come already lubed, it doesn’t hurt to put in/on a little extra. Before putting a condom on a penis, put a few drops of one of our favorite lubes inside of the condom. This increases pleasure for the penis. Putting too much can make the condom slip off.
  1. Get some extra thin ones. Condom companies are making condom sex more pleasurable by making them thinner. Kimono Micro Thin Condoms and Skyn are two companies that most people swear by when it comes to thinness.
  1. Find some textured condoms. Increase your partner’s orgasm by providing them extra stimulation with texture. Rough Rider condoms are highly rated for this.
  1. Reduce the tire shop smell. There are many companies that provide condoms with less odor and Okamoto is a company that is praised for this
  1. Try different materials. Condoms don’t only come in latex. Latex is the most durable but there’s other options for those who are allergic.  Condoms also come in polyisoprene- a type of synthetic rubber that doesn’t contain proteins that usually trigger an allergic reaction that latex has. There’s also lambskin which is a thin membrane made from lamb and polyurethane. 
  1. Make sure it’s the right fit. A huge reason why people don’t enjoy condom sex is because they’re not using the right size. Be real with yourself and get the correct size. Getting them too big or too tight is simply uncomfortable for both parties.
  1. Try positions where the one being penetrated has their legs closed (but holes out). This snugness makes things enjoyable for both parties.
  1. Skip the drugstore! Shop online and explore your options in the links below.

Protect yourself! Make it fun, try some colors, try glow in the dark- there’s a whole world of condoms out there.

Make your sex life great by clicking on the links below.

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