The Hottest Sex Roleplay Guide- Including 10 Hot Roleplaying Ideas

A Sex Roleplay Guide

Want to play in a different reality than the one you live in now? Do you have a deep desire that is unattainable because it’s taboo? Are you ready to escape reality in the bedroom with imagination? It’s so much cheaper and less time consuming than traveling to vacation. Our imaginations just might be the best way to escape. (Could also be the worst but I digress). Here’s how to do sex role-play right.

Sexual role playing is pretending to be someone else in the bedroom. It can be very intimate. It requires deep communication and strengthens bonds. Remember when best friends had secret handshakes? Role playing can be like that. You and your partner(s) share a fantasy, a special language.

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few tips:

  1. Start slow and small. Casually bring up the idea and see what they think. It’s more fun when your partner is just as excited and invested. No need to write a script and purchase movie props. Take the pressure off trying to perform perfectly by starting small. 
  1. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s not a big deal if you “mess up.” Don’t be afraid to put your all into it either. This is YOUR fantasy, YOUR world, YOUR bedroom. Relax, don’t stress it. The movie critics are not watching. Unless that’s part of the fantasy.
  1. Start outside the bedroom. Role playing can be an all day event if you want to. Plant seeds throughout the day. For example, if your fantasy is teacher/student, send an email  “Hello, Professor Smith… I know it may be inappropriate to contact a professor this late but I am desperate to not fail this class… are there any extra credit assignments you can give me?” Or if your fantasy is a doctor/patient, call and say “May I make an appointment with you to check a body part out?”
  1. Safe word. Safe words are needed to differentiate fantasy and reality. We can get lost in fantasy and not be able to tell the difference.

Don’t know what your fantasy is but still willing to try? We have a few hot ideas:

  1. Strangers. Have different names, dress differently and “run into” each other out in public and pretend you don’t know each other at all. Do some non verbal flirting, take them to a bedroom, bang it out, maybe do things you never do in your relationship and either say “nice to meet you” or nothing at all and just leave. Pretend it never happened when you resume the relationship.
  1. Get a promotion. You have been working hard at work and have done everything to get a promotion but the rivalry got it instead. Turns out, you haven’t exactly tried EVERYTHING. Ask the one role playing as the boss if there is ANYTHING else that can be done. The employee has to get on their knees and do it.
  1. Take my down payment. You’ve been looking to purchase a house or a car. So you google a car lot or a real estate agent and pick one. When you show up in person, you realize they are more attractive than their photos online. As they are being professional, you can’t stop imagining them naked and feeling tingly down there. They stop and ask you your thoughts on the potential purchase. You’re not sure of your decision because you’d like to know what sex is like in the back seat or in one of the rooms in the property. 
  1. Need a doctor. You aren’t well and you can’t figure out why. Even your google searching came up with nothing. You make an appointment with the doctor, they check everything and still no diagnosis. Suddenly one of you notices that the patient is aroused. Maybe THAT’S what it is??
  1. Sex Ed. One of you has no idea how sex works. Maybe it was religious upbringing, strict parents growing up or pure shyness. One of you has to take the lead and teach the other how sex works… by demostrating.
  1. Call the police. There has been a high number of drug smugglers recently and one of you is a suspect. The suspect keeps denying that there’s drugs on them but the police has reasonable grounds to keep searching. And they will stop AT NOTHING to find the drugs. Check every hole.
  1. Cheaters. Cheat on your partner with your partner. Similar to the stranger role play mentioned in #1 except this time you both acknowledge you’re in a relationship. “Please keep this between us.” Maybe take it a bit further by actually getting a hotel room.
  1. The voyeur. Do this with consent. “Spy” on your partner getting undressed, taking a shower or masturbating. Or all above! Your partner has “no idea” they are being watched and being masturbated to. You can leave the role play at that or “get caught” and they make you do something about your arousal. 
  1. The client. Ever fantasize about being paid for sex? Create a sex menu with prices, email or text it to your “client.” Have your partner give you a phone call to book you for the night. You negotiate the price. You show up in the outfit they requested and the first thing you do is pick up the money from the night stand and put it away. Give your client exactly what they paid you for.
  1. Hostage. With consent of course, one of you is held hostage and would do ANYTHING to escape the life threatening situation. You offer to be a sex slave in order to be released. No pun intended.

Create ANY fantasy you want. Maybe you have a favorite movie or porn you’d like to act out. Maybe you’re more into BDSM. Do everything legal and with consent if your fantasy is a little TABOO

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