What Is Polyandry? Would You Practice This Rare Mating System?

What is Polyandry?

There are a few types of relationships- monogamous, polygamous, homosexual and heterosexual. You should be able to love however you want. But there is a rare mating system that is not talked about often. It falls under the polygamous category. It’s called polyandry.

Poly is a Greek term for “many.” A polyamourous relationship is a relationship with many, or more than one person. Andros is a Greek term for “men. So what is polyandry? Polyandry means “many men.”

There are actually a few benefits to polyandry. The family financial burden is not only on one man but distributed evenly among husbands and keeps the population under control. The fathers also claimed children within the marriage equally. The Himalayan mountains are a great example of that. Because of its geography, tribes within the mountains have very limited resources. Polyandry economically makes more sense there.

The men shared the woman sexually. Can’t help but to wonder if that includes simultaneously…. Hope so. 

Here are some areas where it is still an active practice.

  1. Nepal. Landlocked and located in the South Asian Himalayas. It was officially banned in 1963 but the tribes insist on keeping up with the polyandry traditions despite the law. Popular with mostly north eastern tribes such as Sherpa, Newbie and Bhote tribes.
  1. Kenya. In the Massai tribe in Kenya, when a woman marries a man, she marries the entire family. To ensure survival of babies, the man lets his wife sleep with male family members who are younger and more fit.

In 2013, two Kenyan men were madly in love with a Kenyan woman and agreed to both marry her. Kenyan law does not strictly forbid  poly marriages so nothing can stop them!

  1. China. Tibet is an autonomous region of China. Even though it was outlawed in 1981, Tibetans still believe a child can have more than one father and it’s still practiced in some rural areas today. Most poor families preferred this method.
  1. India. In the BC years, the Pandavas were five brothers who married a stunning woman named Draupadi who was the daughter of a King named Panchala. Multiple tribes in Northern India still carry on with this tradition. The people of Kinnaur and Koda tribes practice it today.

Fellas, would you share your woman with other men? Is this just a kink or just economically smarter? Why is this the least popular option for relationships?

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What is polyandry

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