Lyrics to 5 Vintage Dirty Songs- Our Grandparents Got Some Explainin’ To Do!


What is the dirtiest song you can think of? Did you ever think of VINTAGE dirty songs? After reading this, modern day artist will look pretty tame to you!

For some reason, we are conditioned to think the better and pure times are back then. Generation after generation, you hear our old folks say something along the lines of ‘’WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THESE KIDS LISTENING TO??” Well, show this post to your pure grannies. They are just as guilty. The only thing that changed about humanity is how we dress. Here are some of the raunchiest vintage dirty songs that are from the past few decades. I’m willing to bet you’d find them dirtier than Cardi B lyrics. Let’s just say Lucielle Bogan ran so Cardi B can walk. Check out the some of the lyrics in each song:

  1. Shave ‘Em Dry-  Lucille Bogan 1935:

I got nipples on my titties, big as the end of my thumb

I got somethin’ between my legs’ll make a dead man come

Oh daddy, baby won’t you shave ‘em dry?

Now, draw it out!

Want you to grind me baby, grind me until I cry

  1. Blind Boy Fuller- Sweet Honey Hole 1937:

Said I want my honey every morning, late at night.

If I don’t get my honey,

Don’t believe I’m treated right

Sweet honey hole, sweet honey hole

Said, it even take my honey, satisfy my soul

  1. Blu Lu Barker- Don’t You Feel My Leg 1938:

Don’t you feel my leg

Don’t you feel my leg

Cause if you feel my leg,

You’re gonna feel my thigh

And if you feel my thigh,

You’re gonna go up high

  1. Dinah Washington- Big Long Slidin Thing 1954:

I even ask a man

That played steel guitar.

He said that you don’t need him

To be moved eight to the bar!

He brought his amplifier

And he hitched it in my plug

He planked it and he plunked it

But it just wasn’t good enough

Cause I need my daddy with that long slidin thing

  1. Barbara Carr- Bone Me Like You Own Me 1998:

You’ve got to put something on me

That’ll make my toes spread

And make my whole body shake and quiver

And the eyes roll all up in the back of my head

If you think you’re mad enough

You can get all this good good stuff


These are just SOME EXAMPLES of the raunchiest ancient songs. The dirtiest decade in music might’ve been the 30s but you will find many dirty writings, poems, songs from anytime in history. Look around this blog. You will learn that humans were never saints.

Perhaps vintage dirty songs were dirtier long before we were able to record music.

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