The Battle Between Furniture for Sex: 7 Reasons Why The Couch Is Better Than The Bed

Why we love this furniture for sex better

The bed is probably the top five favorite places to be. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of it… it’s cozy, it’s a safe space, it’s great for sex….. But so is the couch! In fact, couch sex can be even BETTER. The positions are better, you can hold yourself up better and it’s just some place that’s out of the traditional ol’ bed.. Besides, isn’t this where people Netflix and Chill? 

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Reasons why we like the couch as the better furniture for sex:

  1. Oral sex. Sick of feeling like a sniper? Then get on your knees. The receiver gets to sit in an upright position, legs bent and open in front of them so it makes the goods easier to access with your mouth while on your knees. 
  1. Being on top. Let’s be real, most people who don’t like being on top, don’t like it because of the amount of physical strain it takes. On a couch, you have places to grab on and bounce easier. It holds your weight up and takes way more pressure off the knees. Hold the back of the couch or the arms.
  1. The Loveseat position. Similar to riding except the one on the bottom is sitting upright with back leaning on the back of the couch. You can get some hugs out of this one.
  1. Bending over the armrest. Forget propping with pillows, bend your partner over the armrest. This way the goods are propped up and ready for penetration. Easy access!
  1. Spooning position. Spoon your partner facing the back of the couch. This way you are able to grab the back of the couch or armrest for better rhythm. The one being the little spoon can also use the back of the couch to push back onto the goods.
  1. Seated squat. The position is when one person is sitting up right and the other one is basically giving a lapdance with penetration.
  1. Doggy. There are a few ways to do doggy on the couch. When leaning on the armrest, when facing the back and the one penetrating is standing and the same one you can do on the bed except you have the back of the couch to grab on.

And that’s why the couch is the better furniture for sex than the bed. Now can we admit the worse place to have sex in the house is THE SHOWER?

Where in your home is your favorite place to have sex? Try them all out and come back here to report.

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