Butt What About Anal? (Anal Sex Guide)

Are you anal about anal sex? Corny, I know.

Anal sex (when the penis enters the anus) has both a fan club and a hate fan club. 90% of women who tried it have claimed to reach intense orgasm via anal sex. You read that right- anal sex is not only about the giver but the reciever (both men and women) can receive great pleasure from it as well.

So how do we do this? For starters, we don’t recommend any numbing lube. It can dull your sensitivity and lead to anal injury… ouch! Normal lube is just fine and more fun. Numbing agents hinders the receivers ability to orgams. Secondly, if you’re not ready to go in for the kill but still curious, try anal training.  Anal training is when you use toys and fingers to play around and insert so you can get familiar with having something up there. B-Vibe is the BEST for anal toys. Anal should not hurt so if it still hurts when you try it with a penis, you need more anal play or foreplay. Again, LUBE IT UP to prevent injury! The anus is unable to produce its own lubrication and the skin down there is very fragile. Our good ol friend Hustler Hollywood has plenty of lubes to choose from.

Below are some additional tips:

  1. Your diet. Some may be able to do it without preparing but anal needs preperation most of the time. Make sure you eat clean ahead of time and prevent foods and drinks that upset your stomach! 
  2. Do not go from anal to vaginal. It causes infection and irritation. 
  3. Relax. Relaxation is important. Being tense will tighten your anus up. If the receiver is not ready, DO NOT CONTINUE.
  4. Start small and slow. “Just the tip” as they would say. Do not jam it in right away. Start with the tip slowly.
  5. Have a trusting partner. To us, this is a very intimate experience because anal requires trust and communication.
  6. Try different positions. Doggy style is not the only way. There’s missionary, spooning- whatever floats your boat.
  7. For men, the prostate is your magical spot.
  8. DO NOT mimic anything you see in porn. It’s important for both parties to be comfortable in their own way.
  9. Make sure your pipes are really clean before the act. If it gets messy, wipes are your friend. Or try a towel from Honey Pot.

If you don’t like it at first, it’s worth trying it again. It has been said that the most intense orgasms for the reciever were from anal sex.

Check out our favorite LUBES we personally put to the test.

b-Vibe Triplet Anal Beads and b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads

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